Content Marketing Heats Up

April 19th, 2012 | by Collin Canright | posted in Marketing Notes

I know it’s true because I found three great articles on content marketing in my in-box this morning, reminding me of several more I had marked in the dreaded “to read” bookmark.

In FM Signal, from John Battelle of Federated Media, I found a link to “Story Time: The Rise Of Content Marketing,” an article in Anoop Sahgal tells how content marketing is not new. It goes back man years to magazines published by companies wanting to help their customers live and work better.

It’s a very good introduction to content marketing. I especially like his description of what content marketing is and does:

“Content marketing involves creating and curating unique, relevant, and compelling materials that position a company as a genuine industry expert or brand deserving of loyalty. A company’s content can take many forms, including advertorials, white papers, email newsletters, blogs, webinars, Web content, and videos. It can be created by the company, its users, or even by competitors. The overall goal is to attract and retain customers and help ensure that they will not only purchase more products and services, but also become brand evangelists.”

The section “Five Ways to Tell a Story” is also worth a look.

Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media Studios provides “17-Point Checklist for Web Content,” a blog post designed “to make your content more search friendly, sharable, and effective.” It covers the basics of making sure blog and web page content gives you the most Google juice while remaining readable by people.

A story from the Social Media Examiner, “17 Creative Social Media Marketing Mini Case Studies,” puts it all together. These success stories, from both b2b and b2c companies, point to one critical lesson: know your audience and give them stories they can use. Each case study focuses on a different content technique, including blogging, YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn.

For a more in-depth explanation of content marketing techniques and five longer b2b content marketing case studies, register for the MarketingProfs website and download “Content Marketing Success Stories.”



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  • Collin Canright

    And from the Content Marketing Institute’s blog:
    “How Asking Why Helps Us Get to Our Larger Story,” by Robert Rose, which shows how to write content that tells customers why they should care about us. Rose shows how to use the “5 Whys,” developed by Sakichi Toyoda. They were originally used within Toyota Motors during the evolution of its (now) famous Toyota Production System.