“A Ranking is Not a Business Outcome” and Other Tweets on Optimize by Lee Odden

April 10th, 2012 | by Collin Canright | posted in Marketing Notes, Onlines

You get ideas through friends on social media and then go to Google to validate.

Not social only. Not paid search only. It all needs to work together.

Starts with who you audience is. How consume content? What content? What device? What sharing preferences?

Think about who that end audience is and what you want them to do, the business outcomes you want.

What can we do to inspire our audience to take the action we want them to take: purchase, share, word of mouth?

Look at optimization holistically and what your hub and spoke strategy look like. What at hub and what spokes.

In B2B marketing, some 50-70% of customers are pulling themselves through the sales process by finding information online.

Hub and spoke publishing model: One central repository of information (blog) with distribution spokes (social channels)

That results in shorter sales cycles and prospects.

A ranking is not a business outcome. It’s a stepping stone mechanism for what we really want.

Great content isn’t great until someone shares and reads it.



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