Noteworthy Links: Social Media 02-11-10

February 11th, 2010 | by Collin Canright | posted in Onlines

The future of media and marketing continues to unfold this week in social ideas and products.

3 Ways Google Buzz Could Affect Your Brand

Much buzz this week about Google Buzz and its direct competition to social networks (Facebook) and microblogging services (Twitter). Daniel B. Honigman of Weber Shandwick gives you three reasons why you should care.

The top 5 reasons brands fear social media

The reasons and refutations are well worn, but this posts summarizes the primary reasons why you may not care even if you know you should.

Build Ecosystems for Your Content

Chris Brogan shows how to start putting social media together, starting with your blog but viewing its content not in the isolation of the blog but as part of a greater content system. “Your blog is only one destination, and it’s only reaching one channel of a much larger opportunity and demographic,” he writes.

The Information Divide: The Socialization of News

In this post, Brian Solis continues his explorations of social media and how it’s changing news media and public relations. “As a new hybrid of collective journalism takes place, reporters who remain plugged-in to communities outside of their domain will open new doors to relevance–connecting to new stories and people that propel information beyond the reach of any one network at the speed of the now web.

all content as part of a whole.


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